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Timothy hay farm

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The hay barn at Hay USA

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Welcome to the Hay USA Inc. Web site.

People often ask us. . . Why west coast hay? When did you come to Texas? What brought you to Texas? How did you start selling hay? What did you do before you sold hay? How did you end up in Weatherford, Texas of all places in the country?

Let me do my best to answer a few questions in a story.

My name is Liz Blitzer, I have been established in the hay industry since 1989. Previously I owned a collectable bit, saddle and spur shop in Burbank, California called, Cowboys and Indians. My best friend John Schneider, came to my shop one day and said, "I have a friend who has hay in Colorado he needs to sell. Would you like to give it a whirl?" It sounded good to me since I was feeding hay to my horses every day. So, I made a phone call to a hay dealer, and said "I always wanted to be a hay dealer when I grow up." He replied, "if you're serious meet me." I found my self selling hay door-to-door for a whopping $2.00 per ton profit. I needed a strong name that rhymed that everyone would remember. Hay USA, the name, was the easy part. Maintaining premium quality hay since 1989 without compromise and living up to the name of Hay USA that has been challenge and the daily joy!.

After six years of bucking hay daily with Bill Hartman, my trusted delivery man, we together built a profitable business. Hay USA was sold in California. The new owners changed quality of hay, changed suppliers, changed employees and lost Hay USA after one year. I never got paid.

There was no looking back, I was moving forward to the greener pastures of North Texas. My California clients who showed horses in Fort Worth, told me there was a problem finding premium hay that was Blister Beetle safe in Texas. I knew that was my new path. So, off to Texas I went and landed in Wise County. I found a beautiful house in the country. It had it all - stables, acreage, a modest price tag and interesting neighbors. I had the KKK on one side and a satanic group on the other.  I BAILED! (No pun intended)

I drove around the country for months, with three horses, two dogs, two cats and a goat, in search of another place to ply healthy hay and the experience I had.

I settled on Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was May, I froze, I left. We hoofed it back to Texas and settled in Weatherford because it is the Cutting Horse Capital of the world. I found a building. I called on friends in California who came to help me with tools in hand. They took one look at this old barn and their creative minds went to work as I started looking for hay. They're amazing western eye and talent made Hay USA at 1714 Blair Drive the unforgetable place of today. I opened my second Hay USA in 1994.

Against all odds of being a outsider and competing with local hay producers that have grown hay for generations in the area that was cheap, I started shipping three string bales of California hay to Weatherford, Texas. The men at the "Breakfast Club" at the Stock Yards Cafe had bets we would never make it. I was gonna' prove them wrong! I was staying.

Daily, it took nine hard working people in hay chaps and gloves wrestling 130 pound bales. I was on the road consistently selling door-to-door again bringing in new business and educating people on three string hay that was premium quality. It was a hard sell. This was new territory and I was selling a new product that was bigger and better but people could not understand the heavy bales and refused to do the math and see the savings. So, when in Rome. . . I took off my blinders to save my clients money by shipping in Alfalfa out of Arizona. I compromised. It was considerably less per ton vs California hay, as was the shipping. The hay looked beautiful, green, lighter bales (100#). I was supplying hay long distance domestic to many ranches nation wide by this time.

Then it happened, I was at the farm in Arizona and with my own eyes I saw Blister Beetles. I stopped selling Arizona hay that day. I contacted every client and my business went on hold.

I headed west for California and went back to my original Hay USA formula of premium California hay with no compromise. I learned that no matter how hard it is to sell, California hay is the safest hay available. That's all that matters. I had a meeting with the entomologist there and regained my past relationships and started shipping California hay to Texas again. I focused on teaching people about Blister Beetles and the math. Steffens Systems made us equipment to handle the hay.

The business galloped forward to breakneck speed. In 2004, 1714 Blair Drive, Weatherford, Texas, where Hay USA sits, was paid for. In 2008 we purchased land on Interstate 20. This will be a beauty!

Hay USA Inc. is a Texas Corporation and in 2008 Hay USA Inc. Weatherford Texas with our Logo was Trade Marked and Registered.

It's been a long road filled with great learning experiences and hard work. Our clients have been loyal, local and long distance alike. We know from experience we will not compromise because too many people depend on Hay USA and their livestock depends on them.

I am speaking from experience. When buying hay at your local feed store, ask to see the current weight slip. Check weights and origin. If hay is cheap and shipped long distance, think about it. . . The bales are most likely lighter and shipped from a closer origin than you are told. Remember all three string bales look alike no matter the weight. Anyone who tells you they do not have Blister Beetles in their State is not telling the truth. Do your own research, always check your hay in the flake before feeding.

Come visit our store when you need hay - it's worth the drive. Stand at the counter as hay is being loaded and share experiences and knowledge with other equine enthusiasts. Or call for a semi load prices and retail prices.

We feel at Hay USA Inc. that we can offer you a safe choice on California Alfalfa, California Giant Bermuda, Washington and Oregon Timothy (1st and 2nd cutting), and California Sudan and Straw, with all of the facts behind it. Do the math, Hay USA goes the extra mile to bring you the safest hay in the country.  Not only is it safe,  but it is cost effective. It's a wise investment.

If space is a problem, you can depend on Hay USA Inc.  We stock premium horse quality hay, in Weatherford Texas year round. There are no minimums and we load your truck! Hay sold by the bale. No need to hunt hay ever again!


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