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In stock year round all premium horse hay from the West Coast.

Hay prices per pound
In Stock Year Round

Call for Current Weights!

  • California Alfalfa $0.245 per lb.
  • California Giant Bermuda $0.24 per lb.
  • California Sudan hay $0.24 per lb.
  • California Straw sold by the bale @ $16.50 per Bale
  • Oregon Timothy $0.37 to $0.395 per lb.
  • California 3-way (Oat, Wheat, Barley) $0.24 per lb.

Coming Soon!
Northern Califonia Orchard Alfalfa!


All Our Hay is Guaranteed NON GMO!

All Three String Bales from the West.


Current Weights

  • What's not on this website is current weights.
  • All prices are calculated by the load weight average and you are charged by the posted price per pound.
  • Weights Change Rapidly! Check for Current Weights!
  • Here's a Good Example:
    • 50 lb bale of Alfalfa
       @$12.25 = $0.245 per lb
    • 95 lb bale of Alfalfa
       @$23.27 = $0.245 per lb
    • 120 lb bale of Alfalfa
       @$29.40 = $0.245 per lb

There are more apples in the bag at Hay USA!


    Pick Up

  • Pick up your hay and there is no minimum. We sell one bale at a time.
  • We load your truck and or trailer. We always recommend bringing rope or straps and tarps in bad weather.



  • Call for Delivery Information for the DFW Area
  • 817-599-0200

I'm Liz, the owner. I answer all calls. (I'm old school.)
Do the math, feed the quality and dare to compare!

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Business Hours 10 - 6 Tuesday - Saturday